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Our Booking PolicyWelcome to the TFS Family! We can't wait for you to join us for a class. Before coming in, do familiarize yourself with our website. Please also run through the studio policies so we avoid any of those awkward misunderstandings. #goodvibesonly


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Terra Firma represents an inclusive community that strives to make effective and intelligent fitness accessible to all. Pilates is for EVERY body. We value your unique ability and needs, and are here to support you on your fitness journeys.

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7 reviews
  • Grace·

    Great precision and eye for details. WHo says you don't sweat during pilates? If you do it right with technique, it's tougher than gym!

  • Jade·

    Do not be deceived by Kim's gentle demeanor! Killer workout, but all good. Always feel more lengthened and pulled togehter after class.

  • Jaz-·

    Kimberley is Super sweet and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

  • Gwenyth·

    Her workouts are never boring!

    Every session is a dedicated session for me to explore my body and learn new things.

    Since CB, I’ve started on doing HIiT classes at home again, but it definitely feels different having a trainer who would pay attention to how you move, condition your body and even stretch!

    6 stars if there is!

  • Stacy·

    Through a friend’s recommendation, I got to know that Kim still offers virtual classes meant to keep folks like us, who are still working from home and bound to our desks, active and healthy.
    Her well thought and killer workouts aside, her keen eye and precision for movement keeps us safe behind the screen. I appreciate how she keeps us glued as a community and accountable to our workout goals.
    Thank you Kim!

  • Lotus·

    Kim is a fun and inspiring Pilates instructor. I met Kim at Virgin late last year and since then, I have always looked forward to training with her on the reformer every week. She is precise and intentional in her approach and takes a lot of care in observing and helping many of us correct our postures in class.

    Fast forward to Covid and working out online. I appreciate the fact that Kim has transitioned seamlessly into teaching online Pilates classes. Despite the challenges of not being able to physically correct our postures and help us onsite, she has continued to observe and correct us in our online classes. I like the fact that she is innovative and even the humble dining chair can become an effective tool for our training. I am so glad that I do not have to miss my Pilates classes and I am able to get the help I need to become stronger during this time.

    Kim is a dedicated and committed Pilates instructor. I appreciate the fact that she is continuously challenging herself and pushing her boundaries as she hones her craft by learning from master experts so that she can be more effective for her clients.

    Thanks Kim! It is a great pleasure learning from you!

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